COVID-19 has changed the way people date online – for the better.

covid 19 mask dating

Online dating makes it easy for singles to connect with people who share the same interests as their own.

Dating during COVID presented a new set of expectations and conversations for the IRL meeting for the first time, even if there is no physical intimacy: questions about physical boundaries, social distance status and the size of one’s social bubbles, and requests to be tested before any sexual activity is initiated. For many of the lovers, the global pandemic was not enough to shut down the pursuit of partnership—in fact, it had the opposite effect.

Can more messaging be used to promote love? Perhaps, because the messages are devoid of non-verbal cues like eye-contact. This may encourage users to make up for themselves by sharing more about their lives.

Psychologists have found that romance is more likely to occur when people share about themselves. Whether people talk about their favorite food or reveal more personal information, this kind of disclosure can lead to a spark.

In other words, if COVID-19 promotes the release of dating apps, we might see more serious relationships blossom after this year. This may be the catalyst that causes change against a growing tide of casual hookups-especially on dating sites.

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