RATING (9.7/10) is an online dating site catering to adults. The site is 18+ and have some adult content for their thousands of members in Europe, included Turkey, Russia, South America and even South Africa. Signing up and testing the site is free for all adults looking for dating, chatting, one night stands, having an affair and also those looking for a serious relationship. guarantees the security for any information you give them, but remember that what you write in the chat with other members is your own responsibility. So don’t share your address, phone number and similar information with others, to be sure not to have any problems. If you don’t, the site is totally anonymous.

All financial information are especially sensitive, and Lust18’s support tell us that they do not store any of this information on their servers. Your payment provider takes care of that.

Regarding spammers and scammers, we did not see any of that on Their customer support has control over those kinds of profiles, apparently. This is another important issue that makes us like this site a lot.

Keep in mind that even if the site is totally free when you start because you get free coins to spend, you will be tempted to buy more coins when you find a nice girl who would like to get to know you. It seems easy to spend a lot of coins if you chat with many girls at the same time, and chat all day, so try to talk with only a couple that you like at any time. Since the site is “pay for use” you can control the cost very well. We like this system.