Multi-cultural dating – embrace your differences

When I was young and first looking for love, I often used to see people from different cultures together as couples and think about how exciting this could be but at the same time thinking about how difficult it could also be to meet someone from a different race or culture. The reality, I feel, is somewhere in the middle of these two views and involves recognizing diversity and differences while coming to realise that we are all members of the same group, the human race.

Finding the right balance with someone from another race or culture is often certainly not without its own set of challenges; these challenges could be related to lots of different factors that might include language, traditions, expectations, religions and even just social norms. To allay some of the discomfort of not knowing about these in the first stage of starting a relationship, it is extremely important to keep in mind that, above and beyond these factors, we are all basically the same. Everybody feels love, pain, joy and anxiety, no matter who they are. Keeping this in mind should help you feel a little more relaxed at the start of getting to know each other and remember both of you will probably be feeling the same degree of nervousness!

On the other hand, celebrate your differences and use them as a natural way to build a strong and exciting relationship. Asking someone about their own culture is certainly not disrespectful, despite some of the ultra-politically correct madness that may exist in some quarters! If your new date’s heritage includes a different language, ask them to teach you some. Showing a genuine interest can come across as very attractive in itself so relax and enjoy the moment.