Negative aspects of online dating

Following on from our recent article on online safety, we thought we’d have a look at some of the latest negative trends related to online dating and related interactions. While these do not present huge dangers if you apply common sense and recommended precautions, they none the less can become persistent irritations and have the potential to disrupt your normal, everyday communications.

While there is some truth in the idea that as online dating has become so common that it could be considered part of everyday life, and therefore that it is natural to use everyday comparisons in the language that we use, it shouldn’t lessen the seriousness of the behaviours themselves. Some people argue that adopting a particular term to a kind of behaviour that others have had a similar experience of may be comforting in knowing that you are not alone and this could also be true to a certain extent. However, these kinds of behaviours, and the many other variations with their own names, are negative behaviours and result in and from negative situations. The majority of them refer to breaking up which is always an upsetting experience no matter how casual or not the relationship had been. Having to digitally separate yourself from someone, too, can add an extra element of hurt.