RATING (5.3/10)

OkCupid was the brainchild of four Harvard friends who created what was a pioneer site in free online dating in 2004. In 2012, the platform rolled out its app to make it easier for people to look for potential mates on the internet. OkCupid was recognized for being inclusive when it unveiled 22 gender options and 13 orientation choices in 2014. The site has thousands of questions touching on subjects like climate change and green living.

OkCupid prides itself on a user-base of more than 50 million. The majority of the signees are from the US and user activity is high. The members’ age range is between 25 to 34, and there are more men than women. Signing up for the site is as easy as filling out basic information or linking the account to a social media page. OkCupid has a questionnaire covering information like your likes, sexual orientation, religion, relationship desires, hobbies, and habits. These details enable OkCupid to tweak your algorithm so that you get the suggestions that you would be interested in.

OkCupid is ideal for people who want to have fun while still taking relationships seriously. The application process requires some genuine effort although it feels like taking an exciting online quiz. The deeper you go when answering, the more accurate your profile will be. The platform is also appreciated for its liberal features; with 13 sexual orientations and even more gender options, OkCupid has set the stage for inclusivity in online dating. The platform puts more emphasis on the personalities and interests of its members than superficial traits like physical attributes. You can be sure you will bond with other users on topics that matter to you. OkCupid has incredible features, but we recommend sexymeets.club or flirtilla.com for a more exciting experience.